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Walnut kit with Super-Stave shells

12×8, 16×15, 22×15

These shells are constructed with 3 ply staves, each stave is made with two vertical grained pieces of walnut with a horizontal grained piece of maple in the center.

The bass drum also has reinforcement rings that are comprised of alternating horizontal grained walnut and maple pieces.

These are also tongue and grooved like the shell staves and they are inserted to over lap the shell stave joints by 50%

Shell thickness is in relation to its diameter, ranging from 8mm to 12mm.

All bearing edges are full round over profile.

These are finished in a high build satin sheen.

The hoops on this kit got some AVA attention too, They are faceted to match the shape of the shell.

Chrome hardware, 2.3mm TF hoops, Single ended lugs.

You can see from the pics the amount of effort and attention that has went into this build.

This kit is situated in Ireland for EU distribution, please contact for shipping options.

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Weight 40 kg