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Welcome drum enthusiast!

Here at AVA DRUMS we make stave drums in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Stave drums are constructed with solid pieces of wood in their natural state, unlike most mass produced drum shells that use a ply construction.

Staves cut to length ready for building have an actual note.. hold it gently between forefinger and thumb and tap it, it generates a tone, just like a xylophone.  Stave shells use less glue than ply and the wood isn’t under constant tension like ply. Furthermore this type of build results in the grain running vertically from skin to skin…  This transduces head vibration into shell resonance giving stave drums quite a differentiating sound to their ply counterparts.

Stave shells will cut through like a metal shell in terms of volume, but have a warmer tone just like a regular wood shell.    The hardness of the wood will play a big part in the fundamental tone it produces. Harder woods will give a higher pitch and softer woods will give a lower pitch.

The stave production process utilizes custom made in-house tooling on an 8 cutterhead axial constant cnc moulder.

We can machine to within +/- 0.05mm accuracy to achieve a stave with an interlocking profile, that when assembled can retain the flat outer sides of the stave.
This gives the drum quite a unique look!

The inner side is also machined to have the radius cut into the stave resulting in a perfectly round inner circle when assembled in our mold.

Check out the one pass process from raw wood to the ready to assemble stave in the video below.


Here you can see the interlocking profile that’s machined into each stave. This allows for precision alignment during glue up to retain the flat outer sides of the staves when assembled. The top and bottom reveal is then machined round for the skin to seat.



Another available option is added reinforcement rings.

This ring is also stave construction with interlocking joints, its basically another small depth and diameter shell that is a snug fit into the main shell, glued in of course..

These rings is not easy to implement but worth the effort as it will retain the low tension within the shell. Both pieces have vertical grain so the ring and shell will move in unison if subjected to humidity swings.




Our aim is precision made high quality drums.

There are many options regarding depths, bearing edges, species and finishings. Please message with desired spec.

We now have both chrome and black nickel options for hardware.

10 hole die cast hoops, singled ended modern style tube lugs. Brass snare wires.  Side activated strainer are standard.

Or for the discerning customer we can supply custom lugs, CNCd to our proprietary designs, anodized in clear or black finish.

Of course, we can also source whatever hardware you desire at cost.

Prices are in Canadian $$$

Custom, made to order drums.. What do you want?

AVA Drums


Check out these stave kits!