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Maple shell with Maple re-rings

Stable-stave model.

Both the shell and the re-rings are stave construction with a perpendicular piece of flat maple glued in between

Chrome hardware

Triple flanged hoops

3/16 to 30 degree bearing edges

This drum was constructed to be an affordable work horse, using Canadian Maple. This may be considered a luxury wood in other parts of the world but it’s very readily available here in Canada.

Normally I spend many hours on filling the grain to attain a high build finish. Maple has closed grain so this drum didn’t require the regular amount of consumables or my time, which is in short supply these days! The result is a beautiful, no fuss matt finish inside and out.

This drum is fitted with REMO UC heads to make it as budget friendly as possible.

Get on board with an AVA!







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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 32 cm