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Seamless cast bronze shell

5/3/5mm shell thickness. Centrifugal cast method.

All edges and beds cut in-house to meet my stringent quality control.

My edge cutting process references the outside of the shell only.
What does this mean?
Its no secret that cast shells can have slight variance in the shell thickness around the the circumference.
Referencing the outside of the shell only for machining makes the edge perfectly true.
If you are familiar with my work you will understand the level of OCD that goes into every aspect of my builds, especially edges.!
This is also why I prefer the centrifugal cast shells, less chance of uncovering any defects or air pockets when milling the edges and beds.

Outer round to inner 45 top and bottom.
Snare beds are very wide and gradual with a depth of 3.5
This lets the wires sing but will avoid sympathetic snare buzz

Custom machined Cast Bronze AVA hoops with faceted outer shape.
Gotta have something with an AVA twist!

Custom AVA lugs machined from billet Bronze.
These are precision pieces with a self aligning threaded insert
No cast or off the shelf lugs on this one!

Coated Remo Emperor and clear Ambassador snare side heads

Satin Finish – New coating for 2024.
This is the same coating that cymbal companies use, but mixed to my desired sheen.

42 strand wires.

3 step Trick throw

This drums has a great mellow playful low end tone. But if you lay into it it’s basically un-chokeable!
Sounds fantastic at all tuning ranges and easy to tune.



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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 32 cm