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14 x 6.4 Cherry shell with 45-degree Maple & Walnut re-rings

This shell is fully finished, high build satin over red wine/maroon stain. Attach your hardware and you will have an awesome snare drum!

Shell is approx 9MM thick, re-rings are rabbeted into the shell. The shell staves are tongue and grooved together.

Shell is 350mm OD, a few mm under the standard size.

Bearing edges are 3/16 RO to 30 degree inner with a wide profiled snare bed.

Stave drums are known to be fragile, and they can be.

I’ve had a few get destroyed during shipping back in the early days and I quickly began trying ways to improve the humble stave shell.

The result…. This shell utilizes a 45-degree orientated reinforcement ring. The grain and the glue joints do not line up with the shell so it acts like a cross laminated structure but also has enough give to let the main shell breathe without impeding or restricting its natural movement. Working with nature, not against. Letting that shell resonate!

I’m going to offer these shells for builders to use for a limited time.

Few things to note, this shell is slightly undersize on the OD. This works great with Die-Cast hoops from DFD or other various vendors. Triple flanged hoops may require a thicker lug gasket.


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 32 cm