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2.0mm Seamless Aluminium shell anodized in Teal, it looks blue in the pics but has a more green tint in real life!

Anodizing happens at a molecular level so its as close to being a raw shell as it could possibly be.

It also looks great and has the protection to keep it looking like new for many years.

The anodizing processes can be a little tricky so there may be little imperfections where the dye didn’t take or have water stains etc, this is normal and not considered a defect. Shells are now pretty much perfect!

This drum has a SUPER-STAVE shell extension in Peruvian Walnut / Birch inserted into the shell on the snare side.

As the super-stave construction has a perpendicular piece of birch glued in the middle, this will keep the stave portion dimensionally stable to the Aluminum part.

The lug bolts hold the two components tightly together.

Chrome hardware

Triple flanged hoops

3 Step Trick Throw

The snare side has a 3/16 to 30 degree edge with the AVA snare bed profile.
The snare beds on spun shells are too small for my liking. It meant snare wires had to be over-tightened to stop them from unwanted rattling.
I really like snare wires to be on the looser side, to let them sing.
A deeper wider snare bed lets this happen and helps avoid sympathetic buzz.
This was the main reason for initially trying this hybrid design, to add my own bed profile..
Crazy part was, I didn’t expect it to sound so good!
If you haven’t had the chance to try one you should!

Here’s a similar build for sound reference, It has that metallic ping but with a little added bottom end, and a slight cut to the harsher high end rasp.

Everyone who has an AVA HYBRID loves it!







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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 32 cm