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14 x 6.5  Zebrawood & Wenge shell.

SLIM-STAVE model, 5mm thick outer shell with 1″ thick re-rings

Re-rings are constructed from maple with the grain and glue lines running at 45 degrees to the main shell.

This Cross lamination makes the shell incredibly strong as there is no natural fault line between the shell and the ring, but also has enough movement to let the shell breathe and resonate unimpeded.

This complex shell has a very complex sound. It has the dexterity of a thin shell and the projection and throw of a thick shell.

High build, high gloss finish

Bronze AVA lugs

Cast bronze AVA hoops

Trick throw.

42 strand wires

This is snare drum build number 300.


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 32 cm