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Yellowheart and Tigerwood SLIM-STAVE 5mm thick shell with tongue and grooved joints.

3 piece re-rings- Maple outer stave pieces with a thin maple perpendicular core.

Housed between the shell and reinforcement ring is a thin piece of horizontal maple running the circumference of the shell.

This complex shell has a very complex sound. It has the dexterity of a thin shell and the projection and throw of a thick shell .

High build 50% gloss finish.

Custom CNC’d AVA lugs with self aligning stainless steel inserts.

This Is snare number 200 so I wanted to fit AVA lugs, I don’t normally use single ended lugs on the slim-stave model due to tension distribution.┬áSo I made some stainless steel inner support plates to deflect any unwanted stress away from the thin shell.

I don’t build normal drums!

Available for purchase at Rufus Drum Store Vancouver.