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14×5 Ovangkol shell at 11mm thick.

Ticks all the boxes in terms of aesthetics, function and sound.

This wood from South Africa has a similar hardness to White Oak.
The boards selected have some nice visual curl within the grain.
Ovangkol contains silicates that look like silver/grey deposits in the grain structure.
Used by many high end Luthiers for its striking beauty and tonal qualities

STABLE-STAVE model with Maple re-rings

Re-rings are constructed with the grain and glue lines running at 45 degrees to the main shell.

This cross lamination makes the shell incredibly strong as there is no natural fault line between the shell and the ring, but also has enough movement to let the shell breathe.

3/16″ round over to inner 30 degree bearing edges.

Extra wide snare beds

Triple flanged hoops.

Chrome Trick 3 step throw

High build satin finish

Look good and sound phenomenal






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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 32 cm